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SuperMartian, Conner can’t eat birthday cake without thinking of M’gann.

"Wendy seriously you and Marvin did not have to go through all this" he smiled despite himself. It wasn’t much, but they’d thrown him a small party. Which at first he protested. He didn’t like spotlights so much. Wendy explained it would just be them and Marvin and he reluctantly agreed. And even found himself enjoying the company. Enjoying that he was just Conner here.

It reminded him of the old days.

"Well all that talk of everyone forgetting your birthday I just thought. We should at least have cake" Wendy shrugged sliding a plate in front of him. Lighting six candles. She said she did it as a joke. Remembering when he misspoke the week before. He sometimes wondered if she knew more than she let on. If only he could read minds but he wouldn’t go down that road.

"Yeah happy belated birthday big guy" Marvin joked "Megan told us you favorite flavor…" Conner sighed "oh" Marvin scratched the back of his head. Feeling awkward. 

"It’s alright" and it was. It didn’t matter if Marvin brought her up or not. Birthdays. Holidays. Or any occasion for a party made him think of M’gann. The way she used to light up about putting something together. Decorating. Baking. They lived in the same mountain. but he didn’t know if she still enjoyed those things the way she used to. He hoped she did. He hoped that there was more left than revenge driven abuse of power.  "Well make a wish and blow out the candles" 

He frowned and tried not to think of her as he blew out the candles 

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Red Devil X Miss Martian. Teen Villains.

The worst part was the guilt. She was told all her life all she would ever be was a villain. Eventually she just couldn’t run anymore. She was terrible at it. Always apologizing to everyone. The heroes who tried to stop her. The people who got hurt. And to Eddie. Who never got to shine. 

The best part was the thrill. He wondered if his old pen pail would be ashamed. He hated villains, but he couldn’t stop. He liked the fire. He never had to hold back, but he did. If only for M’gann’s sake. He wouldn’t risk hurting her. 

They’re partnership was unique. And no one ever hired them. They were so notorious for failing -villains with a heart they were called- but they always had each other. and that wouldn’t ever change 


He’d left them. Sure they were all grieving, and Kaldur probably the most. but he’d been gone for days. Of course he had a lot to mourn. They just wished he would’ve grieved with them

Zatanna and Raquel convinced themselves Nightwing was mistaken. That he would never betray the team. betray them, but when it turned out to be true. She hadn’t cried in while but that night she held onto to Raquel while her girlfriend told her “it”ll be okay” and kissed her with promises of saving him that she dare not hope for because Zatanna has been down the road of not being able to save someone

That was the night Raquel realized she really loved Zatanna. That it wasn’t just some fling or ‘phase’. She knew that she would always been there when she needed her.

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Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy

She’s been crying for days. Not obviously or anything but he noticed. She’d talk to Superboy -her boyfriend though now he could only assume ex- for a bit in and just run to her room shortly after. She’d come out with eyes red and puffy. He thought about asking what happend but it really wasn’t his business and he didn’t really want her to know he was happy about it.

So he kept his mouth shut. But he thought about her a lot. I mean she was one of the reasons he pushed to come to the surface. She was absolutely fascinating. Why Superboy would even let her go was a wonder to him. 

La’gann? Whoa that was weird. He could actually hear her voice. Maybe he’s spent too much time thinking about her. Her laugh is cute too wait

"No that was really me." Oh he looked up to see her standing in front of him "Right. I didn’t see you there" smooth move tiger “No worries” she started now she looked nervous.

"I just couldn’t help but over hear your thoughts. You’ve been thinking of me?" Crap

"I’m sorry I didn’t 

"It’s sweet"

M'gann laughs but she doesn't get the joke.

The room erupted into a chorus of laughter. M’gann didn’t get it. There was no punchline. She didn’t know that the joke was even finished. She didn’t find it very funny, but everyone else seemed to find Marvin’s ‘joke’ amusing so she laughed along to fit it. 

but the more she thought about it the more it didn’t make sense. it seemed sad not funny. He started with How long did it take the man to swim the Atlantic Ocean like any other joke. She thought Kaldur would know the answer. and then finished with I don’t know. Everyone stopped counting after awhile and went on with their lives. His body was never found. M’gann was horrified and thought that everyone else should be too, but they started laughing. Jokes of death are funny? 

She spent the next day telling jokes around the tower. Why did Bart drop his ice cream cone? She would say, BECAUSE HE WAS DEAD. No one found her jokes that funny

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Ohh woah so I like wrote a little drabbly thingy. Set like right before Denial starts. It’s kind of Artemis/M’gann friendship thing. Based on a couple headcanons I have. One being that they both have inner jealousies of each other and the other being that despite the fact the Megan said she wanted to be like sisters she actually avoided her like the plague at first.  I’m gonna dedicate this to Annica. Just because 

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They’re hiding in a closet for [reason], and M’gann is reading more into the situation then Conner is. Seven minutes in heaven-ish?

"So why am I hiding in a closet?" M’gann was chewing on her lips, a nervous habit she picked up somewhere. Maybe from some television show. "shh." I threw a pie in Artemis’s face. I thought she might laugh, but she got reallyangry and I’m hiding in here because I’m afraid to face her and I don’t even know what I’m afraid of I just felt how angry she was and took off.

As her thoughts flooded his mind he could only stare at her. That doesn’t answer my question though the look on her face did. She was really worried. I’ll stay. I’m sure Artemis won’t stay mad for long. S’not like your Wally. There. A laugh. She stops, remembering she’s supposed to be quiet

Thanks Conner and then it was silent.

She looked up. And froze. Cutting the link. Forgetting about Artemis and pies. Only focusing on her crush. Who was far closer than she’d intended when dragging him off into the closet. -or maybe she had intended for this.- it is the sort of thing you see in sitcoms. She swallowed hard. She wondered what it would be like to kiss him. She blushed and tried forcing her heart to calm down. 

“M’gann?! are you okay? what’s wrong?” grabbing her shoulders he all but screamed, mentally panicking at her irregular heart beat and

“I’m sorry no need to worry.” I just hadn’t anticipated how close we’d be and.. Oh. He got it now. He was suddenly so very aware of how close she was. And he remembered the almost kiss in Biyalia. And how much he wanted to try again. Smirking, and experimentally at best he leaned in

“MEGAN!” He quickly pulled away as the door swung open to reveal a very livid Artemis “There is pie cream in my hair and Wally is still in the kitchen laughing. Why would you throw a pie in my face!?” It’ll be okay. Just like apologize and explain. She’ll get over it. Still he took her hand to be there for support 

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Fraternizing with the enemy

 (So I decided to go and write Spitfire, well kind of. This is the first fanfiction I’ve ever written so bear with me. The story is Artemis is Tigress she doesn’t join the team in this and in my head she’s a mole working for batman but you don’t have to take it that way for this story she can just be a villain if you want.  They’re also a little older which is why Dick is nightwing. She’s also not dating Cameron in this. I just wanted to put the at least he seems to think so line in)             

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